day 101-107


march 10th: happy sushi

last day of work was mostly driving around.  i drove to fredericksburg, which is a tourist town about an hour and a half away from austin, delivered some fabric and then turned around and drove back.  the kids had the day off from school for good friday and originally we were supposed to go bowling but their mom called me on my way back to austin and said we should go swimming instead.  except all i did was drive.  i got to the house and picked up a and j and then we got almost out of the neighborhood when a realized she didn’t have the address.  we turned around and went back, then drove and picked up j’s friend.  we went back to the house and then to the club where the two boys swam and a and i had some ice cream.  then we went and picked up a’s friend, back to the house and then to the club where i dropped the two girl’s off.  then back to the house to pick up wes, who does the cleaning but doesn’t drive, and i drove him home.  back to the house where i had a quick meeting with S and she gave me my last paycheck.  i programmed it into the gps and it said i could run to the bank and be back to the club in time, but it was wrong.  so i rushed both ways, go to the club to pick up a and j and their friends and then back to the house to get j ready for soccer.  so much for a fun filled last day.

marty and i went to a good friday mass and then out to sushi (because it’s still lent and he still can’t eat meat on friday).  it was better than last time.


april 11th: easter eggs!

marty and i (and penny lane) dyed easter eggs!


april 12th: r.i.p. easter eggs

then i turned our easter eggs into deviled eggs.  i’m just now realizing how ironic that really is for easter.  i used my nanny’s receipe and it was delicious.  we had an easter lunch with a bunch of our neighbors and everyone brought food.  and since it was such a pretty day, we played lawn games outside all day long.


april 13th: mini me

so cute.

first day of work.  probably the best first day of work i’ve ever had.  usually it’s boring and filled with paper work and reading manuals and guidelines.  i actually got to do work on my first day.


april 14th: sailboat

this is the first time i’ve seen a sailboat on town lake.  it makes sense though because it is really windy.  marty took this picture.


april 15th: tomatoes!

ready for picking!!!!


april 16th: meh.

this was all i could muster.  i love my new job, but i’m still not completely used to the new hours.

i made it through a week and i still want to go back on monday 🙂

additional pictures:


i really wonder what he’s doing in there.


fredericksburg, tx


dyed easter eggs!



we planted the cucumbers from seeds and they’re now the biggest plant we’ve got.  and they’re starting to bud!


bell pepper buds!


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