little bits and pieces [bridesmaids]

photos by white rabbit studios

if you had told me at any point in my life that i would have enough close friends to have 6 bridesmaids, i would have never believed you. but i do, and they are a group of amazing people. i’ve been in half of their weddings, am related to 2 of them, and each is from a different defining time period in my life. and they’re all beautiful.

photos by white rabbit studios

some of the hangers i made for my bridesmaids. they each had a different dress that they picked out. i think they look so good all together. and each girl actually really liked their dress.

photo by one of my adriennes

 i also made them flowers for their hair. i wanted a pop of color with the grey dresses. i knew their yellow flowers would be something, but i wanted something else. we talked about yellow shoes, but could never find any that we all liked.

photos by white rabbit studios

photos by white rabbit studios

i got my flowers on wednesday, and despite receiving some purple spider mums (instead of the pretty yellow football mums you see here) at first, we put together all of our flowers on thursday. i really love the way they turned out.

photos by white rabbit studios

i also made each one of my girls thank you cards. originally i was just going to make a card for marty (with a tux and a dress on it), but i grabbed some extra grey fabric before we left austin and came up with these one night the week before the wedding. i think they turned out great and i totally made some of my best friends cry.


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